Petal Perfume Pockets
Petal Perfume Pockets

Petal Perfume Pockets

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Why settle for one fragrance, when you can fill the forest of your senses with a palette of petal perfumes? Plunge into our garden of fragrant delights, where Roses Shine on their Night Flight to Venus; where Gardenia and Lilac Lady lay languidly entranced underneath Fire Lily stars.

Once you have plucked your favorite parcel of perfumed petals, we wrap them in hand sewn pockets of vibrant vintage fabric. Unzip each custom design to reveal the pure petal power of each poignant perfume. Choose a collection of these pristine perfumes from your desires, your dreams, or your favorite fragrant theme!


Bohemian Beauty: Night Flight to Venus, Moccasin Flower, Roses Shining Everywhere, Lavish Abundance

Magic Woman: Lei Lady Lei, Fire Lily, Lavish Abundance, Night Flight to Venus

Gold Dust Woman: Fire Lily, Fawn Lily, Night Flight to Venus, Lavish Abundance

Dancing Queen: Secret Land of Is, Roses Shining Everywhere, Lei Lady Lei, Fire Lily

Sweet Scented Woman: Lavish Abundance, Night Flight to Venus, Roses Shining Everywhere, Lei Lady Lei

Floral Fantasy: Fawn Lily, Gardenia, Lilac Lady, Roses Shining Everywhere

Forest Florist: Ever Moss, Radiant Earth of Deep Delight, Vanilla Velvet, Trees Please

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