Jasmine Sambac Absolute
Jasmine Sambac Absolute

Jasmine Sambac Absolute

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Jubilant Jasmine Sambac Absolute is wild-crafted in India, drawn from the fragrant depths of night-blooming Jasmine Sambac blossoms. Unlike Jasmine Grandiflorum, which opens its petals to the dawn, Jasmine Sambac communes with the mystery of the moon and stars, capturing the fragrant essence of the velvet nights.

Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac
Botanical Family: Oleaceae
Extraction Method: Absolute
Part of Plant Distilled: Blossoms
Country of Origin: India
Cultivation Method: Wild
Composition: 100% Jasminum sambac
Consistency: Medium viscosity
Scent Description: An initial awakening of redolent indole embraces honeyed flowers and tea leaves. Rich and subtly sweet with a robust, blossoming energy.
In Living Libations: Night Flight to Venus, Lavish Abundance, Languid Love Butter, and Gardenia Perfume.Blends well with: Jasmine Grandiflorum, Vanilla, Ylang, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Lemon, Osmanthus, Gardenia, Spikenard, Vetiver, Carnation, Neroli, Champa, Chamomile, Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Fragonia, and Honey Myrtle.
Uses: Aromatherapy. Perfumery. Inspires desire. Beautiful in baths.

Can something delicate and complex also be strong and impenetrable? Can masculine and feminine dance side by side in harmony? Will the darkness of the night give way to the shimmering rays of dawn? The rich, mysterious fragrance of Jasmine Sambac Absolute answers these questions with, Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!

The sensual strength of Jasmine Sambac blossoms in the night, drinking in the dewy nectar of the stars. This rich, complex floral is an amorous aroma used to create sweet, green, honeyed perfumes and night blooming blends. The absolute is wild-crafted in India, where thousands of blossoms are carefully collected overnight. Every single blossom must be handled with the utmost care; a blossom that is bruised or damaged cannot be used in the distillation, because it is believed that a damaged flower produces an impure aroma. It takes thousands of Jasmine Sambac blossoms to create a single millimeter of oil.

Jasmine Sambac Absolute is an oil of the spirit. It is a known feel-good soul juice used to inspire feelings of euphoric love and joy. It has a special affinity for spiritual communion and romantic love, and can be used to foster deeper connections with your partner.

“In the Philippines, J. sambac is traditionally called Sampaguita, meaning “I promise you.” Its flower is a symbol of fidelity, purity, and eternal love. It is the country’s national flower and is considered a symbol of honor and dignity. Jasmine sambac flowers are a rich source of essential oil.”
~ Victor R. Preedy, Essential Oils in Food Preservation, Flavor and Safety

“From timid jasmine buds, that keep Their odeurs to themselves all day,
But when the sunlight dies away, Let their delicious secret out.”
~ Ancient Hindu Poem

“Jasmine imparts smoothness and gives life to the perfumer’s creation… The fragrance of jasmine is a secret which eludes the skill of the chemist who would reproduce it synthetically. Some years ago, Joris Karl Huysmans, in his esoteric book, “Against All Grain,” spoke of flowers and their perfumes, holding the inimitable jasmine in greatest reverence because he claimed it could not be counterfeited.”
~ Jill Jesse, Perfume Album

“Jasmine absolute has over 100 constituents, but is dominated by [natural, botanical] aromatic esters such as benzyl acetate, methyl jasmonate and methyl anthranilate, and benzyl benzoate. Monoterpenoid alcohols such as linalool are present, as are the aromatic alcohols, such as benzyl alcohol and the sesquiterpenol farnesol… The aroma varies according to its source, but is typically floral, fruity, heavy and animalic with a waxy, spicy dry-out”.
~ Jennifer Peace Rhind, Essential Oils