Stellar Poetic Pits
Stellar Poetic Pits
Stellar Poetic Pits
Stellar Poetic Pits
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Fresh, potent, and purely poetic, Living Libations Stellar Poetic Pits will leave you feeling clean, uplifted and inspired by the aroma emanating from your underarm. Though we design all Libations to be universally appealing, this balanced, balmy scent was crafted expressly to harmonize with both male and female energy, as well as to meet the needs of those with especially sensitive skin.

The harmonizing heartwood of the Blue Cypress tree charms your underarms reverently. Stellar Poetic Pits will emit fragrant poetic license with benevolent Blue Cypress, fortifying Frankincense, salubrious Silver Fir, languid Lavender and clean-green coriander. Blue cypress is a rare botanical blessing that super soothes the skin.

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Use: Swipe once to charm each underarm. This Underarm Charm smells perfectly pleasant on both men and women and was created especially for those with sensitive skin, to sweep – and swipe – your scent-worries away! Pair with our Sacred Sage, Trees Please, Ever Moss, Radiant Earth Forest Colognes or our Fawn Lily, Being Free is Lots of Fun, Lilac Lady or Lavish Abundance Petal Perfumes.

Please NotePoetic Pits are 100% concentrated essential oils, so it is best to dodge damaged, inflamed, and allergic skin. The ingredients are selected from essential oils that are recognized as safe for the skin. As everyone has skin that responds uniquely, we advise users to patch test inside the elbow before using. Keep out of reach of children. For use on extra-sensitive skin, dilute with jojoba oil or try our Crème Underarm Charms.



Blue Cypress - Callitris columellaris Brilliant Blue Cypress is steam distilled from the bark of the wild Australian cypress tree. This essence is exceptionally unique as it contains the benevolent blue, cooling-compound guaiazulene. Wild-crafted in the Australian outback, our Blue Cypress is more similar to sandalwood and cedar in fluidity, scent, and plant properties than it is to regular cypress. Calming and cooling, this blue-hued beauty promotes clarity and is excellent for use during times where deep concentration is needed. With its inviting, sandalwood-like aroma and its electrifying blue color, blue cypress oil is an opulent offering from the plant kingdom.
Frankincense - Boswellia carterii The quintessential essence for cultivating reverence is Frankincense. Liquid pearls from the tree of life, Frankincense is distilled from the resinous sap of the tree. Frankincense exudes fortitude, strengthening skin and spirit with the nourishment of the ages. This ancient oil has been used for millennia to clarify and calm sensitive skin. It also offers rich, complex, otherworldly aroma.
Silver Fir - Abies alba Bask in the glow of our luminous Silver Fir essential oil. Wild-crafted from the native forests of the French mountains, our oil contains the essence of this tree’s shining, silver-white needles. Its inspiring aroma emanates evergreen fresh-florals enveloped in crisp camphorous notes anointing your pits to wax poetic with forest-freshness.
Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia Lovely Lavender oil is more than just an aromatherapy staple; it’s the perfect muse to charm your underarms! Lavender is emotionally calming, and soothing, yet it is also wonderful for the skin. Under the arms, lavender soothes tender skin after shaving. Lavender, named from the Latin ‘to wash,’ is a lovely liniment lending our underarm charm a petal-poem of relaxed calm.
Coriander - Coriander sativum Clean-green Coriander harnesses the fresh, relaxing impact of the seeds of cilantro and lends an elevating fragrance of exciting musk. With its fresh, spicy, sensual scent that has been used in the most exclusive French colognes for centuries, coriander invigorates the body while fostering emotional equanimity.
Key Features:

Natural Deodorant

Aluminum Free Deodorant
Essential Oil Deodorant