Dental Bliss

Calling all holistic hygienists, dentists, and people with teeth!

A few months ago, I discovered the special talents of Mahalia Michaels and experienced first-hand her light-sound healing technique. After a few sessions of her Dental Bliss, I felt layers of tension from life experiences and stressors lift (like our HQ and home fire!). In its place I feel resonance of deep freedom and ease.

I have written and spoken about the science and holistic care of teeth, and now I invite you to take your dental knowledge into a deeper realm with Dental Bliss.

Dental Bliss with Mahalia

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Teeth have a direct correlation to our health and well-being. Regenerative doctors have found that dental health is the foundation of full body health, and keeping our teeth in optimal condition requires special care.

What is unknown to many, is that our teeth are like tiny, crystal balls (more flat than round), infused with millions of bits of information similar to a microchip in a computer. Teeth tell us about our state of health and what emotions we have buried in the subconscious having either to do with traumatic events from this lifetime and or our ancestral heritage. If these emotions stay stored in the body, a tooth may then represent as a cavity, for example, or in more extreme cases lead to a root canal and or removal.

Teeth are hardwired to communicate to and from all organs, meridians, and other bones of the body. They reflect 'light' in full spectrum rainbow colours similar to a prism would that reflects the sun. Teeth need their roots to be planted in healthy, pink gums and to watered and nourished for proper lubrication, and if we have 'root' issues then we need to look to our past for answers. If we are having dental issues, rather than experiencing dental bliss, then we need to clean and polish away the vibration of those emotions so the teeth can radiate their light once again.

From Dental Issues to Dental Bliss

Mahalia Michael is the founder and creator of BrainBliss and Allumina Technology that offers rare experiential and educational services to advance, accelerate, and optimize brain and body function. Mahalia is an expert sound healer. She has been called a "sound shaman" and has been described by a US Gold medal Olympian that she is a hundred years ahead of her time. Activated by the technology of whale and dolphin multi-dimensional consciousness as well as solar light language by the Great Central Sun, Mahalia produces applied psycho-acoustic sounds from her voice that mimic whales and dolphins. Through cymantics, these sounds produce specific 'shapes', 'colours' and 'mathematical codes' to clean old patterns of dense vibrations. Once old patterns of dense vibration such as unresolved traumas and their emotions are cleaned away, the body naturally finds the pathways to expanded health and well-being.

Join us for a 1-hour free webinar on Tuesday, November 20 from 12 to 1pm EST where Mahalia will take us on a fascinating journey into the crystalline matrix of our teeth and shine the light on how to clean buried emotions. Learn new and fun ways to refresh your teeth so they reflect good health to your whole body.

Following this Mahalia will be offering a 3-hour webinar series for your Dental Bliss. This series will have advanced information, dental transmissions from the whales and dolphins and exercises to increase your dental well-being. These 3, 1 hour webinars will be recorded for your convenience.

Free Class:

Teeth - Wisdom Keepers and Messengers of Stored Information + Emotion
Free One Hour Dental Bliss Session + Q&A
Tuesday, November 20th at 9pm to 10pm EST (6pm PST, 7pm MST)

Three Part Dental Bliss Master Classes with Mahalia

Session One: Energetic Dental Cleansing + Emotional Pattern Release
Tuesday, November 27th at 9pm to 10pm EST (6pm PST, 7pm MST)

Session Two: Accessing the Wisdom and Messages from Your Teeth
Tuesday, December 4th at 9pm to 10pm EST (6pm PST, 7pm MST)

Session Three: How to Transmit Energy from Your Teeth to Help Others on their Journey to Health.
Tuesday, December 11th at 9pm to 10pm EST (6pm PST, 7pm MST)

Investment for the three-hour Master Class is $99.00.
Register early. Space is limited.

Each Dental Bliss Master Class session is a 'LIVE' webinar and will be recorded. The recording will be emailed to participants within 24 hours.

Please email inquiries to home@brain-bliss.com.

Please click on this PayPal link to send payment for your registration.

Energize the New Year with happy teeth, healthy roots, blissful brain and a grateful body! :)

I hope to see you there!