Krysten Ritter
Living Libations is my religion! Carrie Anne Moss turned me on to all things oils while we were filming together. I started with frankincense and peppermint... Those were my gateway oils and I loved the many uses and benefits and got hooked immediately. I soon adopted a Sandalwood Serum Supreme and Sandalwood Best Skin Ever regime and I loved the results so much that I swapped out ALL of my products for Living Libations! We’re talking face wash and moisturizer to shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, and everything in between. I love inhaling the oils with my salt inhaler or diffusing in my house. Also, Nadine has such an incredible wealth of knowledge and sometimes I’ll take her advice about a certain ailment or situation even over a doctor. When I became pregnant I developed melasma on my chest, many women get it on their face so I did get lucky in that it wasn’t visible to others - but it was still stressful and a total bummer and seemed to only get worse as the months went on... My doctor said that it would MAYBE (maybe??!!!) go away after birth with laser treatments at the dermatologist... I asked Nadine for her recommendation and she prescribed the Dew Dab and Soothsayer Serum and with in a week it started fading and with in a few weeks it was about 80% faded and now — it’s totally gone! This was mind blowing to me and I’m so grateful for these products. I can attest that living libations oils and products are little miracle workers! I love that everything is so high vibe and high quality and really works. No weirdo ingredients, absolutely nothing harmful or toxic, and not to mention the packaging is gorgeous! I’m absolutely obsessed. With love and enthusiasm, Krysten Ritter