Ron realized that meditation is anytime, anywhere: breathing yoga into a pathless land.

After spending many years in Downward Dog, Ron realized breathing came naturally to him. So, he set off for India where he learned from Ashtanga yoga guru, Patabhi Jois.

After sweating for many moons under his tutelage, his guru’s parting words of wisdom were, “Ron, you be Action Hero.”  With this prophecy of adventure in mind, Ron walked across the desert of India looking for savasana in the shade and a mantra in some mythical yogi-cave. Later, he toured as the Bare Naked Ladies yoga advisor perfecting bhujapidasana and passing through many sidhis.

On this hero’s journey, Ron realized that meditation is anytime, anywhere: breathing yoga into a pathless land. Now Ron is expanding breath into beats and weaving rhythms into dance music and ambient sounds that have listeners spellbound with Sound Libations, his transcendental electronic brainchild.

Growing up in a home of Moroccan heritage imbued with music, Ron grew strong with the percussion, drummed and strummed live in his childhood home. Ron’s mother, whose heartbeat set the tempo of his young life, showed him the swiveling and swaying expressions of Mid-Eastern dance as she taught dancers to move to a rhythm that his heart understood: a primal, sweet taste of musical transcendence.

Fast forward to present time and Ron is nestled into a lush Ontario forest landscape with his visionary life partner, Nadine, and their son, Leif. The symphony of sound emanating from the forest-chorus of his homestead have had a direct and indirect influence on his musical creations and inclinations. Sound waves imbued with the poetry of nature, the introspective way of understanding the world that Ron has held in earnest since his formative years.