Spermidine Podcast Show Notes


Supplement: While Primeadine can be taken any time of day, with or without meals, the deepest benefits come with taking 3 capsules with dinner or before bed. The capsule can be opened and mixed with water, added into smoothies, or sprinkled on food.

Skin care: At night, open a capsule and mix in one quarter of the spermidine powder to a squirt of your favorite Living Libations serum or Best Skin Ever. Or give yourself an anti-aging facial by adding spermidine to a squirt of Frankincense Honey Mask, or make your own honey mask, and cover with the Silicone Sheet Mask and leave on for at least 15 minutes – it can be left on all night.

Hair care: Open a capsule and mix in the spermidine with a palm full of hair oil and comb through dry hair. Leave it on overnight. Spermidine can also be added to Flowers in Her Hair or Fortifying Frankincense Dry Shampoo.

Oral care: Give your teeth and gums a spermidine spa by mixing in a bit of spermidine powder into your toothpaste, such as Triple Mint Toothpaste. Gently brush teeth to spread the paste around the mouth, and then insert a Silicone Mouth Tray to prolong the treatment for at least 15 minutes.

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