Libation Vacation Kit

Libation Vacation Kit

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Quick overview

Spend a week languidly lounging or abundantly exploring because your bag is already packed! The Libation Vacation Kit has everything you need for a relaxing, rejuvenating getaway that restores body, face, skin and soul to happy homeostasis.

Your Vacation Kit contains these nice travel-sized Libations along with a hemp face cloth packaged in a perfectly portable medium kit bag:

  • Rose Best Skin Ever trial
  • True Blue Spirulina Shampoo
  • True Blue Spirulina Conditioner
  • Mint Condition Lip Fix
  • Open Sky Eye Serum Roll-On
  • Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum
  • Frankincense Fresh Toothpaste
  • Clarifying Clay Soap
  • Organic Hemp Wash Cloth
  • Your Choice of Poetic Pits: Classic, Rose, Vetiver, or Lavender

Going on vacation doesn’t mean a sacrifice in self-care. Keep your face, body, hair, lips, mouth, and spirit infused with pure plant botanicals and organic essential oils – all packaged in a portable tote that is perfect for life on-the-go. Each travel must-have comes in the perfect size for a week away – so you stay gorgeous and refreshed along the way!

Your Libation Vacation Kit is packed with a hemp cloth in a hand sewn, vintage fabric medium kit bag. It includes:

Rose Best Skin Ever - Rejuvenate and restore your skin with the ravishing power of pure rose. Our Rose Best Skin Ever ushers skin into fresh beginnings, where the face and body is graced with a healing, revitalizing glow. Made with organic and/or wild-crafted essential oils, this sacred serum can be used to cleanse the face and body, moisturize dry patches, exfoliate from head to toe and restore skin’s youthful glow. Travel Packet5ml

True Blue Spirulina Shampoo - Whether you spend the week lounging poolside or sightseeing in the city, be sure to protect your hair from the elements – extreme weather, environmental toxins, and synthetic hotel shampoos. True Blue Spirulina Shampoo fortifies, strengthens, and clarifies hair with a botanical bouquet of azulene compounds, empowering plants and organic essential oils. 30ml

True Blue Spirulina Conditioner - Caress your tresses with the creamy compassion –a botanical balancing act for all hair types! This smoothing, soothing crème helps detangle locks, smooth split ends, and ease dry scalps for the smoothest, silkiest hair ever. 30ml

Mint Condition Lip Fix - Grace your facewith an all-natural balmthat keeps your lips in mint condition – all vacation long! Mint Condition Lip Fix glides gorgeously onto lips, leaving them soft and smooth through sunning, sightseeing, dinner and beyond. 5ml

OpenSkyEyeSerumis a rejuvenating serum for tired eyes, puffy skin, dark circles, and fine lines. This faithful friend fortifies, freshens, and tones delicate under-eye skin with the cool, blue firming fluid of pure plant botanicals creating a super saturation of organic hydration. 10ml Roll-On

Soothsayer Serum - Savor the weather and save your face too! This skin-serene serum reduces harmful effects of environmental elements on the skin and harmonizes with the skin for extra fortification and regeneration. Travel Pack 3ml

Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum - Let everyone think you have spent the week at the spa. This powerful anti-aging elixir firms sagging skin and reverse wrinkles. Travel Packet 3ml

Frankincense Fresh Toothpaste - Freshen breath and cleanse your mouth’s oral ecology as you sail through an entire week of wonderment! Frankincense Fresh Toothpaste is plant-based, all-natural and free of commercial fillers and chemicals. 15ml

Clarifying Clay Soapcleanses hands and nails, pits and bits, with our Clarifying Clay Soap made with detoxifying French Green Clay and a bouquet of organic essential oils.

Choose a Poetic Pits:

Classic Poetic Pits - Feel fresh, clean and green, even when a daily shower is not part of the trip’s routine with pits that exude a sandalwood dream! 5ml


Rose Poetic Pits - This beautiful botanical charm is powerfully protective and elegantly effective for underarms. 5ml


Vetiver Poetic Pits - In your wanderlust, feel confident lifting your arms to the wind-whipped heavens. 5ml


Lavender Poetic Pits - If your week away is a desperately needed getaway, Lavender Poetic Pits will help de-stress and achieve deep rest. This relaxing blend is made with soothing lavender and serene sandalwood. 5ml

Organic Hemp Face Clothis super soft, yet with the perfect amount of texture for undeniably smooth skin. Our Organic Hemp Face Cloths get you into your cleansing groove! The thick, fleece-like fabric glides over sensitive skin like soft pillows caressing every pore. Use this flat-weave design for deep, gentle oil cleansing with any of our Best Skin Evers. *thread color may vary