Purple Chocolate Jesus - Happy Chocolate Bar
Purple Chocolate Jesus - Happy Chocolate Bar

Purple Chocolate Jesus - Happy Chocolate Bar

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Purple Chocolate Jesus – Happy Chocolate Bar 

Holy Cacao! The Second Coming of Chocolate is now! Purple Chocolate Jesus is one serenely sanctified chocolate bar.

Taste: Classic orange chocolate with a radiant sunny-citrus squeeze.

Need-to-Know: This chocolate bar is made with raw cacao beans, maca root, hemp seeds, purple maize, cats claw, pau d'arco, camu camu berries, vanilla beans, raw honey, blood oranges, orange blossoms, tangerine, and a dash of virgin coconut crème.

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The Creation Story Behind the Bar:

One day, Ron and Nadine were swinging from Una de Gato vine to Cats Claw vine, searching for the mystical teachings of the purple cacao bean. Which by the way, hadn't been seen since Wonka's dream.

They swung under the canopy of the Pau D'arco tree to inhale the viola-hues of its lovely flowers, when all of a sudden their eyes divined the violet rays of the purple maize. This glow created a halo so Ron and Nadine could see the Majesty of Glee entwined with the Scepter of Vitality.

To elucidate, they ventured over to the vanilla orchid's oracle-gate. They were told cacao had the luminary strength of gold. The beans were to be mixed into a rich magenta-antioxidant-brew with orbs of camu, a squeeze of honey and yuzu. Rapt in this swirling of plants, they were entranced by the sweetest breeze, brought to their knees, blissed by the song of the angelic-neroli chorus praising the creation of this cacao-invocation.

Cacao beans - Theobroma caca Pure, raw, unadulterated cacao ground into luscious, rich chocolate.
Maca root - Lepidium meyenii Enjoyed in Peru as a tasty addition to food and drink, this root adds a sparkle to the eye, boosts energy and juiciness, ignites lovers, and sparks desire.
Hemp seeds - Cannabis sativa Hemp seeds lend a lovely dose of essential fatty acids and a nutty taste similar to piñons to the chocolate.
Purple maize - Zea mays L. Purple maize is another Amazonian treat with a mildly nutty-sweet taste. It is abundant in purple anthocyanin antioxidants.
Cat’s claw - Uncaria tomentosa Cat's claw is one of nature’s gentle restoratives. The ground root bark is used by many South American populations to clear the body and spirit.
Pau d'arco - Tabebuia impetiginosa Indigenous peoples call the pau d’arco tree tajy, which translates as "to have strength and vigor." They steep the bark as a tea and sip it to boost energy. There is 2,363 mg (0.083oz) of pau d’arco per 4oz chocolate bar.
Camu camu berries - Myrciaria dubia Camu camu berries are another wonder from the Amazon, and the residents eat these gigantic berries as a juicy treat that taste a little like sour cherries. The highly nutritious fruit imparts zip and zing for improved energy and a balanced demeanor.
Vanilla beans - Vanilla planifolia Freshly ground Vanilla beanslend a nymph-like hint of mouth-watering sweetness. This infamous amorous ingredient delights the senses with tantalizing honey notes.
Raw honey Raw honey is an ambrosial blessing created by the grand design of glorious honey bees. All natural wildflower honey is the bee’s knees for natural sweetness.
Blood Orange - Citrus sinensis Blood Orange has a sweet aroma that conjures images of fresh, succulent orange juice. Sunny and sweet, it boosts the mood and the spirit with a smile.
Neroli - Citrus aurantium Neroli is a hypnotic floral fantasy brought into being by steam distilling the benevolent blossoms of the Tunisian orange tree. It nestles the nerves and sings a sweet song of glee.
Tangerine - Citrus reticulata Gentle Tangerine is calming and soothing with subtle citrus notes that provide comfort and warmth. This radiant, tangy essence eases worries with an understated sheen of tangerine dream.
Virgin coconut - Cocos nucifera Lavish lipids lubricate the taste buds and carry creaminess to the extreme.

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