Aroma Apothecary Kit
Aroma Apothecary Kit

Aroma Apothecary Kit

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Your all-natural Aroma Apothecary Kit is lit with a bevy of bottled botanicals. Each Libation in this collection is selected for its ability to fortify, replenish and soothe so that you have a complete aromatic apothecary, a portable pantry of first aid friends all within reach and ready to tend.

The twelve Libations in this aromatic-arsenal of oils is the answer to any SOS:


  • Frankincense First + Friend
  • Zest the Best
  • Revive Alive Blend
  • Sweet Sleep Serum
  • Illume Classic Camphorous
  • Illume Hotberry
  • Feeling Good Today
  • Feeling the Shoulder of the Lion Elixir
  • Oregano
  • Tea Tree
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint

Choose from 5ml or 15ml kits collected in a solid pine storage box.


Our Aroma Apothecary Kit includes our best Libations and essential oils to answer any call for SOS. Each item is ready to use right from the bottle and right at your fingertips.

Choose from 5ml or 15ml kits collected in a solid pine storage box.

  1. Frankincense First + Friend - An abundant apothecary in a bottle, this concentrated chrism of potent plant power cleanses, sutures, soothes, and pacifies skin that is calling out an SOS. Each essence in this mighty elixir has been hand-picked for its proven powers: Frankincense fortifies, Peppermint calms and cools, Lavender lulls, Oregano shields, and Thyme tidies up. Apply a drop to resurrect the serenity of your skin and bring the body into balance.
  1. Zest the Best - A kaleidoscope-culinary formula created as an aperitif for the best breath ever. A savory synergy of herbaceous essences traditionally used to gently stimulate so you may savor what’s on your plate. Diverse aperitif essences reinvent your favorite dishes with a splash of liquid plant-celebration. Experience a whole garden in each drop as Zest the Best can freshen breath before or after meals, added to savory soups and salad dressings, inhaled to get the juices flowing, and massaged onto the solar plexus.
  1. Revive Alive Blend - Purify, places, spaces and faces. This mind clarifying, air purifying fusion of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Inula, Black Spruce, Grapefruit and Oregano is perfect for anointing the airways while sleeping, meditating, studying and concentrating. This caring camphorous-combination revives the inspiration of inhalations. Use drops of this benevolent blend in diffusers, vaporizers, salt inhalers, baths, and diluted as a massage oil for chests or inhaled directly from the bottle.
  1. Sweet Sleep Serum - Swirl a scent that serenes sweetness into to the quiet darkness as you gather strength to meet the light of day. Let tension unravel as you dwell in dreamland and settle into a peaceful slumber. Unwind as you finally relax your mind and release the need to explain, rationalize, and prepare for sunrise. Breathe. And as your mind flows into the heart of your chest, allow yourself to enter into complete rest. Apply this serum to wrists, temples, a dab under nose, or upon your chest before you rest. Add a drop to your pillow, diffuser or bedtime bath to experience a good night. It is also so lovely to anoint the soles of children’s feet and under their nose before bed.
  1. Illume Classic Camphorous - Boost your body’s fortification force! We’ve conscripted a cavalry of verdant essences to cleanse and clarify, eliminate and illuminate, until your vibrancy and vitality are rebalanced and restored. Apply neat to soles of feet, temples, a dab under nose, or upon your chest before you rest. Add a few drops to honey, tea, or olive oil. Add to a steaming bath or use in a diffuser.
  1. Illume Hot Berry - Rev your rejuvenation, deflate your fatigue, revive your drive, and evict environmental ne'er-do-wells! This potent plant essence is abundant in beneficial berries, antioxidant-rich spices, and clarifying citrus to boost your body’s felicitous fortification. Apply neat to soles of feet, temples, a dab under nose, or upon your chest before you rest. Try adding it to tea, honey, or organic hot chocolate! Add to a steaming bath or use in a diffuser.
  1. Feeling Good Today - This rejoice juice regenerates the spirit as you revive the body and enjoy a rushing release of uplifting peptides. It is a fortifying chrism created with a bountiful blend which can be diluted in water or honey or taken as a single drop under the tongue thrice daily to freshen breath and spirit.
  1. Feeling the Shoulder of the Lion Elixir- Juice up the blitheness of your litheness with a dab or dilution of this soothing-solution. A must have for massage oils to melt muscles, unravel tightness, unknot what’s taut, and transform tension in any area begging for some TLC. This concentrated chrism is created with a strategic balance hot-cold hybrid of essences, which alternately warm and cool. The heat of Cayenne and Black Pepper warms and unwinds, while cooling Sweet Birch and Peppermint feels nice like ice. For massage, dilute drops into Jojoba, Coconut oil, or one of our Best Skin Evers to melt muscles and transform tension in the neck, shoulders, spine, knees, back, or any area begging for some TLC.
  1. Oregano (Origanum vulgare)– Nature’s most potent botanicalbiotic comes in a ready-to-go form, pre-diluted with organic Olive oil for immediate use. This indefatigable oil is a Herculean do-all. May be used on skin, in baths. Oregano excels at oral care and can also be used to freshen breath. Excellent for oral care. (Oregano essential oil 3% dilution in olive oil)
  1. Tea Tree (Malaleuca alternifolia) - Touted as a little miracle, Tea Tree oil soothes, refreshes, cleanses, and purifies. This pale, golden oil exudes a fresh, aromatic camphor scent and is perfectly practically and handy to have on hand. Add a few drops to your bath, or apply neat, or use as a hand-sanitizer. Simply apply a drop to the palm of your hand and rub together. Excellent for oral care.
  1. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) - Lovely Lavender is known for its power to calm and is said to soothe the skin. Gentle yet practical and coined the “Swiss army knife” of aromatherapy. Combine with Jojoba and massage into tired muscles, anoint the chest to adorn the airways, or dilute with water and spritz on skin and clothing to delight the senses. May be applied neat to skin to soothe the appearance of redness, bumps, blemishes and scars.
  1. Peppermint (Mentha peperita) - This oil is as nice as ice. It is your go-to oil for calming and cooling everything from hot-heads to hangnails. This famous breath freshener can also be used to massage tired muscles, anoint airways, and cool hot-heads. One drop in a bottle of water is refreshingly beautiful. Once you have discovered the bevy of Peppermint’s benefits you will never, ever be without!

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