Perfectly Portable Aroma Diffuser

Perfectly Portable Aroma Diffuser

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Fill every air space near and far, even the atmosphere of your car, with delightful drafts of pure essential oils. Powered by a long-lasting battery, this itinerant micro-mister is perfect to take with you in your travels and effectively infiltrates the air with aroma at a substantial scale. **

At just five inches tall, our portable, petite misting diffuser puffs out your favorite essences to elevate auras, charm cognition, liberate lungs, and satiate nostrils. Simply add your favorite oils, press the on button, breathe deeply, and open your airways to the power of flowers.

**Essential oils and blends are not included and can be purchased separately.


The on/off button invites you to perfect the amount of oil that is misted to suit the size of your space and your nose's preference. To turn on the diffuser, press the power button. The power icon light will turn on and the diffuser will produce a rotation of ten seconds of mist and fifty seconds off. Slight changes in mist flow are normal as different types of essential oils, humidity, and temperature will affect mist production. Touch the power button again to turn the diffuser off. The diffuser’s rechargeable battery comes with a USB cable.

To add essential oils to the diffuser, make sure that the diffuser is turned off and gently press upwards on the essential oil capsule from the bottom of the unit. The essential oil capsule will pop up on the top of the diffuser. Remove the capsule and unscrew the empty bottle. Add your favorite essential oils into the empty 10ml bottle, screw the bottle back into the capsule, and push the capsule back into the diffuser. Keep the essential oil capsule upright while filling to prevent dripping. You may also choose to screw in a. 5ml bottle of your favorite essential oil instead of using the 10ml empty bottle.

The diffuser will run for two hours before automatically turning off. Avoid letting the essential oil bottle go dry while the diffuser is turned on. The atomizing head draws up the essential oils from the bottle and through the clear tube where it is atomized and sent as a micro-mist into the air.  Keep the diffuser dry and operate on a flat surface.

Diffuser Cleaning and Care:

Deep clean the diffuser every three to five days of use. Turn off the diffuser and unplug the power cord. Remove the essential oil capsule, empty the essential oil bottle, and add 2ml of organic alcohol to the bottle. Put the capsule back into the diffuser and allow it to run for a few minutes. Then remove the capsule and drain any remaining alcohol from the bottle, rinse it out, and wipe the top of the bottle clean. Let it air dry before using. Ensure that the clear tube is free of debris inside and out. Wipe the outside of the diffuser and the misting head with a damp cotton cloth.

If the diffuser is accidentally tipped over the essential oils may drip from the bottle or the clear tube. Turn off the diffuser and unplug the power cord. Remove the essential oil capsule, unscrew the bottle, and wipe down the bottle, the mist nozzle, and the clear tube with a soft, damp cloth. Diluted detergent may be used on the cloth if needed. Let the components air dry before using.

Handling Guidelines

To store the diffuser, remove the essential oil capsule, empty the bottle, and clean the mist nozzle.

Handle the diffuser and power adapter with care. Do not submerge the diffuser in water, use in a wet or high humidity location, or operate with wet hands. Avoid crushing, clipping, twisting, and stretching the power cord.

Optimize the longevity of the diffuser by running it for no more than ten hours in a row, and do not run without essential oils in the bottle.

Keep the diffuser misting nozzle free, clear, and clean, and avoid pointing the mist directly toward furniture, clothes, walls, or technology.

Keep the diffuser out of the reach of children.

If the diffuser is damaged or works abnormally, stop using it and contact Living Libations for repairs.


If the diffuser does not turn on or stops running:

  • The battery may need charging. Plug the USB cable into a power adapter to charge.

If the diffuser turns on yet it will not produce mist:

  • Put your fingers near the nozzle to feel if there is airflow. Check the misting nozzle for proper installation.
  • Check the clear tube inside the essential oil capsule for proper installation and for obstructions.
  • Try disassembling and reassembling the essential oil capsule.

If essential oils are leaking:

  • Check the essential oil capsule to see if the bottle is screwed on tightly.
  • Clean the essential oil capsule and wipe off the mist nozzle.

450g/ 1 pound

131mm (5”) x 73mm (3”)